Quantum Restaurant Management System Features

  • Point of Sale System
  • Table Reservation and Table Management
  • Customer Database
  • Delivery Management and Catering Management
  • Floor Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Payment, discount, service
  • Reports
  • Kitchen Management
  • Employee Management
  • Touch screen and P.O.S Terminals
  • 24/7 Support Service

Point of sale system

In addition to the general Point of Sale features, Quantum R.M.S is equipped with additional restaurant based features that will help you run your business smoothly.

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Table Reservation and Table Management

Manage table reservations with an option for joining and un-joining tables and view past and future table transactions.
Can generate reports and bills for individual tables(also with joining and un-joining tables).
Can view and change the tables seating capacity .

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Customer database

Manage customer database by keeping track of their table reservations and bill payments etc..
keep track of delivery customers by their caller id and get information about the customers like their address, phone, last delivery made to the customer and the delivery boy who made the delivery to customer.

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Delivery Management and Catering Management

Assigning delivery boys to the new delivery orders. Reassigning deliveries.
Gives option to convert delivery orders to takeaways vice versa. Managing delivery payments.

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Floor Management

Manage floors with required number of tables based on table numbers and capacity .

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Inventory Management

Gives detail information about complete management of stock i.e. about the stock given to kitchen and receiving from kitchen.
Managing suppliers with last delivery details.
For the given order (other than regular) Quantum R.M.S calculates its ingredients and store person can give it directly to kitchen.
Manages purchase orders and invoice.
Gives notification of under stock to admin and store.
Manages In-house orders.
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Payment, discount, service

Manages payment of bills by giving splitting bills option, discounts if required and services like delivery and catering.

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Complete overview of your business, thanks to various reports. Quantum R.M.S provides you with reports based on product/service, customer, or employee.

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Kitchen Management

allows you to add and delete kitchen , Assigning and un-assigning kitchen employees to particular kitchen.
Managing and updating ingredients of the dishes.
Provides you with option to add dishes wasted with all required details.

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Employee Management

Manage employee commission and pay, generate pay slips/ payroll reports. Setup custom security, access details for each employee and track their sales.

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Touch screen and P.O.S Terminals

A complete touch screen application.

24/7 Support Service

Whether you are a new client or you have been with us for years,
We are here for YOU!

Our client support team is ready to help you with all questions and concerns you have. No question is too small so please do not hesitate to call or email or chat when you need something. We will do our best to help.
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