Quantum Restaurant Management System Features

  • Features Of Mobile POS
  • Point of sale system
  • Table Order Management
  • Customer database
  • Floor Management
  • Bottom Line Benifits / ROI
  • Hardware Requirements
  • 24/7 Support Service

Features Of Mobile POS

Separate multi-pass and single pass workflow support.
Interactive check view.
Room charge authorization and tender.
Choice group support.
Seat and covers support.
Table assignment .
Cash tender.
Offline support.
Bluetooth® printing support ,Wifi, Ethernet.
Typed guest specifications & requirements.

Point of sale system

Quantum Restaurant Management System (QSMS) is a tightly integrated system for managing multiple business processes of a restaurant. It provides a complete business solution with multi- lingual, multi-currency, multi-outlet support, quick implementation and rapid user adaptability, minimal user training, intuitive user interface, robust security and managing costing and variances.

QRMS MOBILE is a mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution that seamlessly integrates with QRMS POS software. The application is reliable, sleek and easy to learn, with a user interface that’s intuitive and simple to configure. The mobile paradigm offers an opportunity to change a server’s experience with point-of-sale software, creating a workflow and experience that enhances the natural guest/server interaction rather than disrupting it. For instance, users can use the interactive check view to add, modify or change an order on the fly, which is paramount in a conversational, face-to-face engagement with a customer.

The application enables servers to float throughout your establishment wherever they’re needed, providing guests with the personalized attention they deserve. Orders are automatically sent to the kitchen, enabling faster service and increased table turns. Our tablet POS software is a flexible, cost-effective tool that increases efficiency while enhancing guest service.

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Table Order Management

Here Can view and change the tables seating capacity .
Here you can view the table availability and table order details.
Here you can take the table order .
Here you can give generate the table order bill .

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Customer database

Manage customer database by keeping track of their table reservations and bill payments etc..
keep track of customers by their caller id and get information about the customers like their address, phone etc.

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Floor Management

floors with required number of tables based on table numbers and capacity .
Here you can take the orders floor wise.

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Bottom Line Benifits / ROI

Servers can remain in their sections instead of running back and forth between the POS terminal and their customer. This expands their coverage area, which lowers labor costs and increases tip potential. Bigger sections mean fewer servers on duty.

Dispatching orders as servers receive them improves the guest experience and potentially increased check averages. There is no lag time for the kitchen or bar to begin preparing the order, which eliminates backup at the POS terminal and improves pacing for prep areas.

Greater opportunity for upselling, additional orders lead to increased revenue.

Hardware Requirements

QRMS Tab Version is certified to run on the following hardware:

Asus Nexus 7

Model Number : Nexus7
Minimum O.S : Android 4.1, Jelly Bean
Network capability : WIFI
Specs : http://www.asus.com

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0

Model Number : Any model
Minimum O.S : Android 4.1, Jelly Bean
Network capability : WiFi
Specs : http://www.samsung.com

Android Versions

• The Samsung Galaxy Tab2 (7.0) requires Android 4.1.1.
• The Google Nexus 7 requires Android 4.2.

24/7 Support Service

Whether you are a new client or you have been with us for years,
We are here for YOU!

Our client support team is ready to help you with all questions and concerns you have. No question is too small so please do not hesitate to call or email or chat when you need something. We will do our best to help.
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